About Stacie

About Stacie


Stacie Shepherd, Owner of Good Life Wellness and Creator of Energy Body Analysis, Wellness Practitioner, Educator, and Coach

I opened Good Life Wellness in September 2011 (GoodLifeWellness.net) with the mission of treating and educating people so they can effectively and holistically manage their health and well-being. My practice involves healing the mind, body, and spirit. I am an empathic healer and able to “read” the energy body to provide the client with a full perspective of their health. I have created the modality called Energy Body Analysis as well as a curriculum to teach others the modality.

I was a public educator for 13 years with a master’s in Education from Indiana University.  I became a Certified Massage Therapist (2010)  and completed Soul Realignment Training in (2012).  These skills allowed me to sharpen my intuition and lead to the creation of Energy Body Analysis.  I currently am studying acupuncture because my love of learning about energy and the body is a life long pursuit.

I am committed to holistic health and have learned to help my own body heal digestive issues, allergies, gall bladder and heart issues, muscular pain, and more intentionally through alternative medicine practices that incorporate mind, body, and spirit.

I am a gatherer of healing information.  I have a deep passion for healing…heal me, heal you, heal the world.  It’s my purpose.  I am a holistic girl by nature meaning I believe the whole picture of health and healing encompasses mind, body, spirit, soul, energy, emotion, nutrition, other people, a multitude of lifetimes,  and a multidimensional experience.

I am an empath.  I feel my way through the world with an emotional gage.  I feel others emotions as if they are my own. So invariably I believe we are all connected.

Love, peace, joy, and wellness,